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Introducing women’s supplement brand Athena from the makers of Musashi

Introducing Athena Supplements

Legacy sports nutrition brand Mushashi in Australia and New Zealand is owned and operated by Vitaco, which has just pushed out an entirely different line of nutrition supplements in that same region geared toward a specific audience. Rolling out to the likes of Coles and Chemist Warehouse — major stockists down under — is Athena, a selection of products designed and marketed toward women, all themed around popular categories, including protein powder, pre-workout, and hydration.

Pre-workout and creatine

The variety of supplements now available from Athena include the Pre-Workout + Electrolytes, a pre-workout that is indeed infused with hydration-supporting electrolytes. It includes several other commonly used components for the category, including creatine, carnitine, and citrulline, and it’s available with and without caffeine. There is also the similar hybrid Creatine + Electrolytes, which combines a respectable 3g of creatine monohydrate and, again, electrolytes for hydration.

Protein powders

Moving into the area of protein, Vitaco’s Athena has a lot more to offer, although, like the versatile Pre-Workout + Electrolytes, it has a few convenient options. For the traditional protein shake experience there is the simply named Protein Shake + Iron, combining a whey and milk-based formula with added iron. Next is Protein Water + Collagen, bringing together high-quality whey isolate and premium TendoForte bioactive collagen for comprehensive ligament, tendon, and joint health.

Athena Protein Bar

Candy or crispy style bars

Rounding out the catalog for Athena are a couple of protein bars in the Luxe Protein Bar and Crisp Protein Bar. The former is more of your familiar candy bar-style build with doughy layers covered in chocolate providing 15g of protein per piece, and like Protein Shake, it has an added iron. The Crisp Protein Bar has that same 15g of protein but in a crisp and crunchy Rice Krispies Treat-type structure, and instead of added iron, it has a quarter of your recommended daily intake of calcium.

Now available

You can get more details on each of the essentially seven different products from Athena in Australia and New Zealand through its online store at You can purchase the supplements direct for reasonable prices, including ongoing discounts for subscriptions and bulk bundles. Again, the team behind Athena is rolling the line into many major outlets, including Coles supermarkets and Chemist Warehouse pharmacies, so those in the area should be seeing it a lot shortly, if not already.