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Jacked Factory enhances the pump half for its pre-workout sequel Pump Surge V2

Jacked Factory Pump Surge V2

Jacked Factory has reworked its stimulant-free pre-workout Pump Surge, which, despite the name suggesting it is all about enhancing muscle pumps, has always been a two-sided experience, supporting pumps as well as mental focus. The Pump Surge sequel continues to focus on those two common pre-workout effects, however, it has changed up the dosages, removed some components, and added in a few ingredients to ensure a better overall performance.

Pushing for better pumps in Jacked Factory’s renewed Pump Surge is pure citrulline, like the original, but at a 60% higher 8g per serving, betaine anhydrous at the same 2.5g but as premium branded BetaPure betaine, and a new addition to the concoction in Glycerpump glycerol at a moderate 2g. As far as muscle pumps go, Pump Surge V2 certainly steps things up, giving you more citrulline and that extra 2g of GlycerPump to get the job done.

Jacked Factory Pump Surge V2 Label

As for the other side of the coin, focus, cognition, and clarity, Jacked Factory previously had alpha-gpc and huperzine a, whereas the sequel swaps the alpha-gpc for a respectable gram of tyrosine and 250% more huperzine a at 125mcg, as opposed to 50mcg. We don’t imagine the focus to be as noticeably better as the citrulline and glycerol-fueled pumps, but effective nonetheless, and this is all alongside AstraGin to elevate absorption and ensure you get more out of the formula.

The one catch with Jacked Factory’s Pump Surge V2 is that you don’t get as many servings as its predecessor, with 20 instead of 30, meaning you lose a third if you end up paying exactly the same price. As mentioned, though, the brand has powered up what’s behind each of the supplement’s servings, so it is an improvement, and if you order within the next two days, you can use the coupon “25PUMP” for 25% off Pump Surge V2, and drop it to $26.24 a bottle.