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Life Pro takes inspiration from five different nations for a line of barbecue sauces

Life Pro International Bbq Sauces

Winner of our Functional Brand Of The Year Award for 2023, Life Pro Nutrition has kept the hits coming here in 2024, filling the first few months with more innovations and extensions, including the cost-effective, value-focused pre-workout Elektro. This week, the busy brand is adding to its functional side, the area where it won one of our annual awards, and as per usual, we’re getting more flavors and options for a type of product that already exists in the Life Pro lineup.

Life Pro Nutrition has released a series of low-calorie sauces falling under its SauZero family of condiments, but the catch with these is that they’re all barbecue-themed, and more importantly, each one represents a different nation. The Spanish brand has essentially created an internationally inspired selection of better-for-you barbecue sauces, five varieties in total with Curry Style for India, Burger Style for the US of A, Italy is represented by Oregano Style, holding the English banner is Bacon Style, and last but not least is Chimichurri Style for Argentina.

No matter which one of the five you go with, Life Pro Nutrition has kept its multi-cultural barbecue family under its SauZero banner impeccably low in nutrition, where a sizeable 20ml serving has just less than half a gram of carbohydrates, so still under a gram in an even bigger 40ml. The first place you can get your hands on the latest from the award-winning Spanish brand is its own online store, and through there, you can get individual 310ml bottles at €3.80 (4.10 USD).