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Liquid Death puts its 12oz soda-sized variety into Costco in an 18-can variety pack

Liquid Death 12oz Variety Pack

Liquid Death confirmed that it’d be coming out with a more compact size of its signature Still Mountain Water and Flavored Sparkling Water, significantly smaller than its unmissable, tall boy, 19.2oz offering. That shrunken-down option is a classic soda-sized 12oz can, available for Still Mountain Water and various flavors of Sparkling Water. This news came about roughly two months ago with the promise of availability at the end of this month, and true to its word, that canned water company has indeed delivered.

The smaller 12oz Liquid Death options are now on the market and available for purchase, including a cost-effective competitor at the major membership retailer Costco. The brand has brought together three of its earliest varieties of Flavored Sparkling Water for a 24-piece variety pack with eight each of Mango Chainsaw, Severed Lime, and Convicted Melon. The price on the bundle at Costco is $18, which works out to a very reasonable 75 cents a piece, although keep in mind it is the smaller 12oz, 33% less than the tall 19.2oz.

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