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Magic Spoon turns to fans for the rebrand of its long-running Cinnamon Roll cereal

Magic Spoon Help For Cinnamon Roll Redesign

Magic Spoon has put out a mountain of flavors for its delicious protein-packed cereal, many of them impeccable experiences worthy of remaining on the menu, and some of them do come and go, here for a limited time then gone to potentially come back at a later date or never. Almost two years ago, the functional food specialist reworked and improved one of its longer-running flavors of high-protein cereal, resulting in a better-tasting Cinnamon Roll, although now the brand is looking to revamp it in another way.

This week, Magic Spoon has taken to social media to ask fans how they would like the packaging of the Cinnamon Roll protein cereal to look. It has posted three sets of mood boards or groups of images, each set featuring a variety of photographs and themes, and the brand wants followers to say which of the three they think is most suited for Cinnamon Roll. If you’ve ever seen the designs on Magic Spoon’s many flavors of cereal, they’re clearly quirky and have a lot that goes into them, hence the assortment of images in each set.

Whatever group of pictures fans and followers of Magic Spoon end up liking the most will be the inspiration, theme, or style that’ll be incorporated into the new look of one of the brand’s longest-running options in Cinnamon Roll. There hasn’t been any mention of any change to its recipe, unlike what we saw a couple of years ago; this time around, it is exclusively bout the look and feel of Cinnamon Roll’s packaging.