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John Cena introduces the Flex Pack made up of all seven flavors of MET-Rx’s Big 100 Bar

MET-Rx has joined forces with legendary WWE wrestler, blockbuster actor, and fitness icon, John Cena, for a promotion of its signature protein snack, the supersized and aptly named Big 100 Protein Bar. For those not familiar with the product, it gets its title from the fact that it weighs a huge 100g a piece, well above the usual bars that sit around the 50 to 60g range. It backs that up with an equally dense nutrition profile, packing 30g of protein, 40g of carbohydrates, and 400 calories, varying slightly across Big 100’s many flavors.

In partnership with John Cena, legacy sports nutrition company MET-Rx has released the Flex Pack, helping introduce the product to those that have yet to try it or even those that have, but maybe intriguied by the many other flavors it has to choose from. The Big 100 Protein Bar Flex Pack comes with three each of the seven different options available for the MET-Rx protein bar, including Fruity Cereal Crunch, Crispy Apple Pie Crunch, Super Cookie Crunch, and the mouthwatering Salted Caramel Brownie Crunch.

Altogether the 21-piece Big 100 Flex Pack will cost you $59.99 through MET-Rx’s official online store and that is great value. That beats out the brand’s individual price of $3.99 each and $27.49 for a pack of nine, and keep in mind, this is a supersized 100g protein bar and you get seven different flavors in the one bundle rather than a box of one.

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