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MuscleTech releases an all-in-one energy, amino and hydration product in India

Muscletech Eaa Energy In India

MuscleTech’s selection of supplements is quite different and diverse in markets around the globe, including India, and this month, it has become even more unique with the launch of the exclusive hybrid product EAA+Energy. You may have seen an EAA-based competitor in the world of aminos in other parts of the world, but this particular energizing approach is just for India and it is very true to its name, combining all nine EAAs for recovery, energizing ingredients, and electrolytes for hydration.

EAA+Energy from the Indian arms of MuscleTech gives you a solid dose of EAAs in every serving at a combined 7.5g, and of that, 4.5g is BCAAs at a leucine-heavy ratio of 4:1:1 with 3g of leucine and 750mg each of isoleucine and valine. For energy, there is a light and uplifting 100mg of caffeine; then you get the electrolytes totaling just shy of 600mg a serving, more than enough considering it’s an added bonus, and finally, there is 30mg of turmeric, commonly found in joint support supplements.

Again, MuscleTech’s hybrid or essentially triple-category supplement, EAA+Energy, is available beginning this month, exclusively in India in tubs of 30 servings and in the one light, refreshing, and crispy flavor, Sour Apple. The legacy sports nutrition powerhouse does have a direct-to-consumer store that serves the country at, and you can buy EAA+Energy straight from there at a currently discounted ₹1,799 (21.60 USD).