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Thorne improves the overall taste of its 28-ingredient superfood supplement

New And Improved Thorne Daily Greens

Revamps and reformulations are always a good sign, as it shows the supplement company is actively interested in improving its lineup, whether that’s adding new ingredients or dosages due to recent research or switching things around simply for the better. Health and wellness competitor Thorne has done something along those lines this month with the re-release of its superfood formula Daily Greens Plus, which keeps absolutely everything the same in the area for formula.

What Thorne has done to its superfood-filled Daily Greens Plus is upgrade the flavor experience of the supplement, as it was an area fans and followers had mentioned a fair amount in feedback, or at least enough for the brand to get to work. Thorne has said it’s simply improved the overall taste of the product, pairing its robust combination of 28 different ingredients with a quality flavor to match, and again, everything on the inside has remained, so it is purely a flavor update.

If you head to Thorne’s online store at, you’ll find Daily Greens Plus in stock and ready to purchase in that new and improved taste, which is neutral, not fruity or anything specific, and find out for yourself how much of a difference the brand has made in terms of flavor.

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