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NOCCO brightens up the summer season for a second time in San Citro

Nocco San Citro Summer Edition

While it isn’t always the case, the No Carbs Company NOCCO out in Sweden occasionally drops two limited-time Summer Edition flavors, of course, for the sunny summer season, and just last month, we saw one of them in Berruba. If you’re at all confused by the name on that one, it’s because it’s a word mashup, blending strawberry or berry, and rhubarb, and if you were thinking that was all fans of NOCCO were getting this summer, you’ll be pleased to know the brand is doubling again in 2024.

NOCCO has revealed and released the second entry in its long-running Summer Edition series for 2024, with Berruba being joined by San Citro, which is another two-part fruity recipe bringing together the citrusy tastes of satsuma and lime. The beverage features all of the usual NOCCO energy drink highlights, including vitamins, minerals, 3g of BCAAs, and 180mg of caffeine, and true to the name of the brand, the nutrition is at a minimum with no sugar or carbohydrates, only calories from the BCAAs.

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