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Gorilla Mind’s nootropic energy drink lands its 16th flavor in Orange Ice Dream

Orange Ice Dream Gorilla Mind Energy Drink

Just as the sports nutrition powerhouse’s energy drink heads into its second year of business, Gorilla Mind’s highly effective and great-tasting Gorilla Mind Energy Drink has launched its first new flavor following its one-year anniversary. The Brand Of The Year for 2023 managed to knock out a huge 11 new flavors in the 12 months following its launch on April 17th of last year, that’s on top of the four it made its highly-anticipated debut in, meaning its latest is flavor number 16.

Gorilla Mind has tackled a taste many other energy drinks within the sports nutrition side of the category have on their menu, like Reign Total Body Fuel and Ghost Energy Drink, with Orange Ice Dream. As per the graphic on the front of the product, it is a sweet, smooth, and citrusy orange creamsicle experience. The all-new taste is alongside all of the beverage’s reliable energy and focus-enhancing ingredients like 200mg of uridine, saffron, 400mg of alpha-GPC, and 200mg of caffeine.

There are a few places already showing up with the Orange Ice Dream Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, from small brick-and-mortar retailers like Nitro Nutrition in New Jersey to giants like The Vitamin Shoppe, with availability in its stores and online. Knowing how good all of the other tastes on the menu of the advanced nootropic beverage are, we don’t imagine Orange Ice Dream misses the mark, and it’s as guilt-free as the rest of the menu, too, with absolutely no sugar and just 15 calories.