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Peak packs its latest pre-workout full of stimulants including Cognizin and enXtra

Peak Time To Bleed

Peak is a serious sports nutrition competitor in Europe that has several options for anyone looking to fill their crucial pre-workout window with a performance-powering supplement. You could go for its creepy clown-covered No Jokes, the fat-burning Hellburner, the nootropic-enhanced NootrEpic, or its all-new Time To Bleed. Compared to the brand’s many other offerings in the competitive category, Time To Bleed is built specifically for those after a potent and intense, high-stimulant experience.

It is very obvious the effects Peak is trying to achieve in its Time To Bleed pre-workout, especially when you see that its formula is made up of seven different ingredients, six of them commonly relied on for the purpose of elevating and enhancing energy and focus. While it does make the supplement specific to a certain audience, it also makes it incredibly versatile, where you can combine this with other pre-workouts that don’t have stimulants, like a pump product, and you get the best of both worlds.

15g serving
Caffeine Anhydrous350mg
Bitter Orange112mg

The combination powering the potent energy and focus Peak is looking to provide in Time To Bleed includes three premium components in enXtra at 150mg, another 150mg of Zynamite, and a larger than usual dose of Cognizin at half gram for proven focus and cognition. There is also a sizeable 4.4g of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 112mg bitter orange standardized for synephrine, an intriguing 5g of glycine, said to the most the brand could legally use, and a reasonably strong 350mg of caffeine anhydrous.

All-in-all, Time To Bleed fits the bill of a powerhouse stimulant-backed pre-workout from Peak, with plenty of ingredients to achieve increased energy and noticeably enhanced focus, especially with the high dose of Cognizin and hefty 4.4g of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine. The stimulant-specific supplement is available in two flavors with Sour Watermelon and Black Pomegranate, and a premium amount of servings per tub as it doesn’t have 30 or 20, it goes all the way down to 15, making sure you use each one wisely.