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Phenom confirmed and coming soon to give Phat Lab fans a more cost-competitive pre-workout

Phat Lab Names Its Cost Effective Phenom

The always good-looking and psychedelically marketed brand Phat Lab is getting ready to roll out another competitor for the pre-workout category, separate from its handful of other energizing solutions like Phame Energy, G-Crak, and the original Phyre. The upcoming product goes by the name Phenom, and similar to a few other major names in the sports nutrition space, it is going to give Phat Lab something on more of the cost-effective side of the fence.

Phat Lab’s Phenom features another eye-catching, head-turning label design, as you can see in the image above, and again, the formula on this features a different set of ingredients and dosages next to other similar category products from the brand. Phenom, however, has been designed specifically for a lower price point, right on that magical cost of $30 for 30 servings, although we’re not sure if that’s 30 loaded servings or a split of 30 regular and 15 maximum.

The complete reveal of the formula powering Phat Lab’s upcoming cost-competitive pre-workout is due to be shared in the near future, and with the strategy it has in place, don’t expect anything as premium as the brand’s own Phyre, retailing at $45. At 33% less the price, Phenom will have a shorter set of ingredients but presumably, still solid dosages, as we’ve seen from other reputable sports nutrition companies that drop down for something more value-focused.

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