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Popular European fat burner Stacker 4 is now completely plant-based and vegan-friendly

Stacker2 Vegan Stacker 4

Stacker2 Europe has just announced a significant update to its popular, flagship fat burner, Stacker 4, in that it now comes in vegan capsules. The change opens up the supplement to a broader audience simply because those who live a vegan-friendly lifestyle can now use it. While the capsules have a slightly different color, the formula remains unchanged, continuing to provide the same effective weight loss and energy-boosting benefits that have made Stacker 4 a favorite among fans for over two decades.

The formula powering Stacker2 Europe’s strong-selling Stacker 4 fat burner includes a blend of green tea, yerba mate, guarana, kola nut, and ginseng, and a strong level of energizing caffeine anhydrous at 300mg in each of its 100 capsules. The vegan capsule version of the supplement follows last year’s introduction of the Stacker 4 Powder, which took the same classic combination of ingredients and dosages and turned it into flavored powder with two tastes to choose from in Fruit Punch and the citrusy Lemon Lime.

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