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Functional innovator Protella introduces its take on cream of rice in four delicious-looking options

Protella Rice Cream

The fun and colorful Protella in Europe, which started as a functional food specialist and is still very much is, as well as a supplement company, has joined the nutritious category of cream of rice with its creatively titled competitor, Rice Cream. The brand has not veered off the traditional path and approach for this sort of supplement, making it entirely around the clean carbohydrate source, cream of rice, and flavoring it as best it can, something Protella has more than enough experience and reliability with.

Protella’s Rice Cream evenly breaks down to 80% carbohydrates, meaning if you grab a 30g, 40g, or even 50g serving, 80% of that will be carbs. In a reasonable 50g serving, that works out to 40g of carbohydrates, and in 100g, you’re looking at 80g, and that is without any added sugar. The creative functional company achieves the great taste it has packed into each of the options of Rice Cream by throwing in some Sucramix, a branded version of the widely used and reliable artificial sweetener, sucralose.

Rice Cream from Protella is due to become available all across the UK and Europe in about one week, and with four different tastes to choose from. Knowing the other delicious items the brand has crafted you can count on these tasting as good as they look with Cookie Dough, Choco Latte, the biscuit-inspired Speculoos, and a straight Peanut. The price for Protella’s Rice Cream will be more than reasonable, expecting to land around €22.90 (24.61 USD) for a tub of 1.5kg or 3.3lbs, to be divided up to suit your needs.