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Volt reskins its Yellow flavor for a special edition can collaboration with Real Madrid

Real Madrid Edition Yellow Volt Energy Drink

One of the signature flavors widely available in Mexico for the international energy drink Volt is simply named Yellow or officially Yellow Energy, and it comes in a mostly blue can design with yellow text and a yellow stripe around its neck. It is a full-sugar beverage, coming with plenty of calories and around 140mg of caffeine for energy, but for a short period of time, specifically the Yellow Energy flavor of the Volt Energy Drink is going to have a distinctly different look to its can.

Volt has partnered with the iconic professional football team, Real Madrid and released a special edition reskin of its Yellow Energy flavor. It has been covered in colors more in line with the look of the world-famous team, with a white can and gold accents, and to make it that extra bit desirable, it has autographs from the team all over it. You still get the same active ingredients and amounts for uplifting energy, as well as the same Yellow Energy flavor; it is purely the outside that’s changed.

We haven’t seen any mention of the limited-time Real Madrid Yellow Volt Energy Drink being exclusive to any particular store, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it as Volt has incredible availability throughout Mexico, from major supermarkets through to multi-location convenience stores.

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