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Actiph updates its nootropic energy drink to keep up with the ever-evolving category

Rebranded And Reflavored Acti Energy Drink

Actiph is a functional beverage company that is mostly known for its alkaline ionized water in various plastic and glass bottles. It also has its premium water available in cans, alongside the vitamin-infused zero-sugar beverage Acti-Vit and the two-year-old energy drink Acti+. With the category Acti+ competing in continuing to heat up and increase its competitiveness, month after month, the brand has decided to refresh and rebrand its product as well as debut an all-new flavor.

You can see the updated appearance Actiph has applied to its Acti+ energy drink, which is significantly more modern in terms of layout, display of information, and the vibrant metallic colors it uses in the background. The formula behind the beverage is much the same as the original Acti+, featuring a variety of vitamins and minerals, a light level of natural caffeine at 80mg, and to make it a nootropic hybrid, elevating focus and cognition, you get tyrosine, carnitine, and ginseng.

Acti+ energy drink doesn’t stop at the somewhat complex list of ingredients; it keeps the modern theme going, by having absolutely no sugar, under a gram of carbohydrates, and a practically non-existent calorie count of two or three calories in a short and compact 250ml can. As mentioned, Actiph has added a new flavor to the menu of its rebranded caffeinated beverage, carrying over the original Strawberry Dragonfruit with some improvements, and introducing Peach Apricot.

As mentioned, in the ever-changing landscape of energy drinks, it is a smart play by Actiph to revamp its competitor Acti+, which already had an advanced formula thanks to the nootropic aspect, but for 2024, it now has a much better look, is more competitive in flavor, and maintains its unique energy and focus experience.

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