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SinFit introduces high-protein chips packing 20g of protein per bag in two tasty flavors

Sinfit Protein Chips

SinFit started out as a caffeinated nut butter company and has come an immensely long way since then, keeping within the world of better-for-you and functional foods but evolving into many different shapes and sizes. The latest product from the brand continues that trend and puts the long-running nutrition-focused company into the world of protein snacking, but not bars, as we’ve seen from it in the past; this time around, we’ve got the crispy, crunchy, and flavorful SinFit Protein Chips currently available across Canada.

The category-named Protein Chips from SinFit are indeed packed full of protein at a protein bar-like 20g per bag, and the rest of the profile is more than reasonable with 13 to 14g of protein carbohydrates, 7 to 8g of fiber, a gram of that sugar for a net carb total of 6g, 7g of fat, and 190 to 200 calories. The brand does call on high-quality whey isolate to help provide the protein, although it isn’t the primary source; that position belongs to soy concentrate, and together, they provide the respectable 20g of protein in a sizeable 48g bag.

There are two flavors to start for SinFit Protein Chips, and they’re both relatively classic chips tastes in Pizza and Ketchup. To keep things interesting, they are both within the nutrition range mentioned above, but the chips are a different shape with Pizza appropriately triangular and Ketchup circular. The brand has begun rolling out the intriguing high-protein snack in Canada, hitting major retailers like Supplements Canada, Supplement King, and the