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Sugar-free flavor Strawberry Dragonfruit comes to Uptime Energy’s cane sugar version

Strawberry Dragonfruit Cane Sugar Uptime Energy Drink

Uptime Energy is another beverage brand revealing and releasing an all-new flavor this month for its signature energy drink, although it won’t be supremely new for fans of the brand and its signature product, particularly its white-themed variety. If you’re not familiar with the company and its energy drink offerings, there is the black-colored Uptime Energy Drink, made with cane sugar, and the lighter white-branded alternative with absolutely no sugar and an even zero calories.

The new flavor announced by Uptime Energy is Strawberry Dragonfruit, a two-part taste that was already available for the sugarless Uptime Energy Drink and is about to become available for the cane-sugared black variety of the beverage. The brand has said it’ll be hitting its online store as well as retailers shortly, and you can expect a similar flavor to the sugarless Strawberry Dragonfruit, but again, this is in the cane sugar version with a hefty 37g of sugar for a total of 150 calories.

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