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Summer Vibe returns to Sweden but this time it doesn’t have a blend of peach and raspberry

Summer Vibe 2024 Celsius Energy Drink

Summer Vibe is a flavor Celsius has had available previously in Sweden, a country and market that has a selection of beverages that is both similar and separate from what we get here in the US. The Summer Vibe concept is a limited-time taste the brand brings out around summer to help everyone enjoy the hot, sunny, and fun vibe that the season brings. Last year, Summer Vibe was a classic Swedish combination of peach and raspberry. Now, this week, the special edition is back but with a different taste.

The Summer Vibe Celsius Energy Drink in Sweden for 2024 is not peach and raspberry, but it’s still sweet and refreshing with wild strawberry. The brand continues its usual formula of vitamins and minerals, chromium, ginger, green tea, and guarana seed, with a moderate 200mg of caffeine in its sleek 330ml can. Celsius is currently rolling out the return of its Summer Vibe flavor, in its new strawberry flavor, beginning this week, with many reputable stores already listing it as in stock and available.

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