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Swedish Supplements gives its superfood debut a label in line with its alternative side

Swedish Supplements Super Greens

If you look at the selection of products from Swedish Supplements, it can come off as intense and hardcore, or modern and premium; it really depends on what side of its catalog you’re looking at. You have some of the classically branded items like Lifestyle Whey and Cream Of Rice, or jump over to the stimulant-backed pre-workout I Am Fucked Up with a raging clown on the front. The latest from the Swedish company is another one of those alternative looking efforts in Super Greens.

Swedish Supplements is taking on the superfood space with Super Greens, and as you can see in the image above, instead of its mostly white, cleaner, more modern look seen on many of its products, you get an out-of-this-world illustration featuring three green-colored extraterrestrials. As for what’s inside, Super Greens packs a respectable blend of fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, mushroom extracts, and enzymes for what looks to be a comprehensive formula to support general health and wellness.

There have been a few components named outside of a brief description for Swedish Supplements’ Super Greens, but not everything that’s in there. That highlight list includes cordyceps and lion’s mane taking care of the callout of mushroom extracts, and the premium digestion-supporting enzyme blend, DigeZyme. The brand doesn’t appear to have its superfood on the market just yet, but with an unveiling and announcement now out there, we can’t imagine it’ll be very long until it’s on shelves.