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Tropical Passionfruit making its way out to stores for Bodyarmor’s signature sports drink

Tropical Passionfruit Bodyarmor Sports Drink

Last week, all of the attention of Bodyarmor fans was directed toward the major announcement of a reskinned flavor collaboration, where it partnered with one of its athletes and ambassadors for a special edition version of one of the already available flavors of its signature sports drink. The beverage giant’s signature electrolyte-filled SuperDrink was given a limited-time rebranded Strawberry Banana in collaboration with and in celebration of professional racer Ryan Blaney taking home the Cup Series title.

Bodyarmor also actually snuck out a completely new taste for SuperDrink that, unlike the limited edition Strawberry Banana reskin for Ryan Blaney, is not temporary and is ongoing. The long-running sports drink specialist is rolling out Tropical Passionfruit into stores and stockists, blending orange, lime, and passionfruit for a refreshing fruit-filled experience. Keep in mind this is for Bodyarmor’s flagship beverage, so there is some nutrition to it with 22g of carbohydrates a bottle, 21g of that sugar and 84 calories.

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