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Muscle Sport’s immensely accurate Georgia Peach Cobbler goes live for Lean Whey

Where To Buy Muscle Sport Georgia Peach Cobbler Lean Whey

The newest flavor of Muscle Sport’s premium, popular, and always great-tasting protein powder has come to market, the one that was revealed last week and is the best example of the taste it goes after and delivers on than anything else we’ve ever experienced. For those who missed the announcement, the protein specialist has taken the classic peach cobbler dessert and made it into a protein powder with the genuinely sweet and peach pie-like Georgia Peach Cobbler a la mode Lean Whey.

Fans and followers of Muscle Sport, as well as those who enjoy intriguing and new protein powders, can head to the brand’s official online store at and purchase Georgia Peach Cobbler a la mode for Lean Whey at $52.99 a tub. This is a limited edition flavor, which is a shame as it truly deserves to be around for good with its immensely accurate peach and pie combination, all while still providing 25g of protein per serving, 2g of fat, 4g of carbohydrates, half of that sugar, and 130 calories.