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Apollon brings its formulation talents to superfood with over 10g of greens

Apollon Nutrition Greens

Greens is the latest loaded supplement innovation from the two-time Brand Of The Year Apollon Nutrition, and it is indeed loaded, something you’ll find in almost every product Apollon brings to market, even more on its health and wellness side where this one lands. Greens is indeed based around a solid set of fruits and vegetables to support general health and wellness, with a combined superfood count that soars over the 10g mark and into the double-digit realm.

The key greens ingredients packed into every serving of Apollon Nutrition’s Greens include 4g of spirulina, a gram each of chlorella, wheat grass, spinach, kale, and beets, cranberry at half a gram, and broccoli at 600mg. Again, the combined amount of superfoods in the supplement is huge, one of the biggest you’ll find on the market, and it pairs that with a respectable flavor experience in two options: a smoothie-style Apple Banana and Peach Mango.

Apollon Nutrition Greens Label

Being a product from Apollon Nutrition, there is obviously more to Greens than those core superfood ingredients. The hardcore supplement company has included half a gram of premium VitaCherry tart cherry, known for its recovery-enhancing abilities, and a gram of the PeakO2 mushroom blend backed by performance and endurance benefits. Aquamin marine-sourced minerals are also in the mix, 10 billion CFUs of probiotics, the reputable DigeSEB enzyme blend to improve digestion, and last but never least, 50mg of AstraGin for better uptake, absorption, and efficacy.

As mentioned right at the start, Apollon Nutrition is known for its loaded supplements, and that doesn’t change just because we’re in the superfood category. Greens has a laundry list of ingredients for general health and wellness, digestion, gut health, performance, hydration, recovery, and more. The product is hitting the market this coming Friday through the ever-expanding supplement company’s online store at in tubs of the usual 30 servings.