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Next year’s Arnold Expo set to blow the roof off the Columbus Convention Center with over 100,000 visitors

The Arnold Sports Festival took place three months ago in March, and it was one of the biggest in history in terms of exhibitors, sports nutrition companies, bodybuilding, visitor turnout, and everything else in between. We were heavily involved with the premium Stack3d Pavilion, where 25 different but similarly minded and categorized brands got to exhibit alongside one another, with people flocking to the section to interact, discover, learn, get involved, and spend money to get some products.

The Stack3d Pavilion will be back for 2025 with a goal of 50% more space; in fact, we are already 25% blocked out with the larger spot in mind. Everyone who took part in the first year is automatically invited back for next year and any other year moving forward, hence why we’ve enlarged it to include those returning and those looking to join in on the action. The Stack3d Pavilion is a dedicated section suitable for brands of all sizes, where you get to exhibit next to sports nutrition, functional food, energy drink, and ingredient companies at a maximum height of 10′ and lengths of 10′, 20′, and 30′.

In addition to the Stack3d Pavilion, we talked to and worked with several other sports nutrition companies for the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival, with the primary goal being to find out what they were looking for, what could work, what suits their needs, and answer any questions regarding participation. With one of the best understandings of brands in this industry, we were able to ensure many got what they needed and even explain why some things would and wouldn’t work in specific situations.

Anyone interested in getting involved in the 2025 Arnold Sports Festival, whether that be for the Stack3d Pavilion, which has been building out since the start of this month, or for the larger Arnold Expo, feel free to reach out to us via our dedicated Arnold collaboration page. The team is available to chat even if it’s just questions about how it all works, costs that can be involved, and hotel rooms, but with over 100,000 unique visitors expected for next year after the huge success of 2024, be sure to get working on it and at the very least mark it down on your calendars as the place to be February 28th to March 2nd.