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Original underground brand Black Market is about to step up its game with Cuts

Black Market Teases The Evolution Of An Original

The original underground supplement company, Black Market Labs, is long known for its powerhouse pre-workouts, coming right back in the legendary DMAA era where it had two of the best in the field in AdreNOlyn Bulk and AdreNOlyn Cuts. Since then, the reputable brand has changed, shifted, evolved, and kept up with the market as it’s gone through all of its twists and turns, although more recently, Black Market has really been getting back to itself and become the immense competitor we know it can be.

The resurgence of Black Market has involved some completely new supplements, collaborations with other brands that resulted in some more respectable sports nutrition products, and revamped or tweaked versions of previously released items. Next week, the original underground supplement company is giving the industry another innovation, or at least that’s what it sounds like, as it has shared a teaser video featuring some sort of bottled product, presumably a pre-workout, alongside a pristine, colorless diamond.

The only other bit of information Black Market has tucked away in its vague teaser is the line “pressure makes diamonds”, which kind of just hints at the relevance of the diamond in the clip itself, and it has also told us this is the evolution of a much-loved original. Throughout the video, you get various shots of the mystery tub supplement, the diamond, some crystals, a glimpse of the word “Cuts”, and a bit of a fire animation, leading us to think this is going to be an improved or maybe a premium version of Cuts.

As mentioned earlier, AdreNOlyn Cuts, now known simply as Cuts, is one of Black Market’s first-ever products, a pre-workout that potently brings together highly effective pre-workout ingredients and support for weight management. Whatever the reputable brand is about to bring to market, it very likely involves that hybrid approach to supplements, and with the momentum it has created over the last year or so, we look forward to seeing how this unfolds and what Black Market has been hard at work on.