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PJ Braun tells all in an exclusive interview and talks about his involvement in Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs Pj Braun Exclusive Interview

The Blackstone Labs drama went down a couple of years ago, or at least the result of it all came to fruition, and it ended with some of the most involved individuals in the sports nutrition company going away to prison, including the original founder Phillip Braun, better and more simply known as PJ. Recently, he was released, although under some conditions, which is something he goes through in-depth in an exclusive, almost no-holds-barred interview with a podcast from one of Blackstone’s ambassadors.

PJ appeared on this week’s episode of The Hustle and Muscle Podcast from Chris Graham and Blackstone Labs’ athlete and popular fitness influencer Kristen Graham. His interview goes for an extensive 75 minutes, and it covers absolutely everything, from how he ended up behind bars and his whole experience while in prison, through to his current goals and plans for life. It’s well worth a listen for fans of Blackstone to learn about the situation the founder went through and how it all impacts the brand.

Due to the conditions of his probation and release, PJ will not be working overly closely with Blackstone Labs; in fact, he’s currently keeping as much distance as possible. At the moment, the supplement company founder can not get a credit card, take out a loan, or start, work, and be affiliated with a sports nutrition brand, including Blackstone. PJ is hoping to get back into the world of supplements later down the road, but be sure to check it all out on YouTube if you have a spare hour to hear it unfold.

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