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Premium Indian newcomer Blessed AF makes its debut at IHFF India

Blessed Af Protein Powder

India’s prestigious IHFF Expo is playing host to the debut of an all-new premium supplement company this year, as exhibiting and introducing itself to the market for the first time in New Delhi is Blessed AF and its protein powder Extraforte Isolate. The brand does plan on covering more categories and areas of the sports nutrition industry later down the line, but to start, Blessed AF is making its way to consumers with a whey product that relies on a quality set of ingredients.

Instead of utilizing traditional whey concentrate or other standard sources, Blessed AF has packed its first-ever product, Extraforte Isolate, with premium Volac whey isolate to provide 26.6g of protein in a 33g serving, with 2.8g of carbohydrates, none of that sugar, around half a gram of fat, and 123 calories. To further separate the supplement from the rest of the crowded protein powder category, there is also a full dose of DigeZyme enzymes to improve digestion and uptake.

As mentioned, Blessed AF has made its debut at the end of this week at the IHFF health and nutrition convention in New Delhi, and is expanding out into stores and stockists from here. Extraforte Isolate comes in a tub of 30 servings, in the one Choco Gains flavor, and with that premium Volac and DigeZyme formula, it will deservedly cost more than your regular whey protein powder.