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Save a strong 30% on Bucked Up Energy in its Costco-exclusive variety pack

Bucked Up Energy Drink At Costco

When a brand and product that have been on the market for a while become available at Costco, it almost guarantees a way to save money. The membership retailer tends to get exclusive bulk packs and discounted bundles, with the only downside being that you typically have to purchase more than a regular-sized product or individual unit. Bucked Up Energy has just made its way into Costco, and as is the case with everything else that finds itself in there, it is an opportunity to save some money.

Now available at Costco locations and its online store is a box of 12 cans of Bucked Up Energy, which is the common number of cans in a case of the beverage. This one is a unique variety pack with four each of three different flavors, not all in a single option, and those three are Blood Raz, Rocket Pop, and Mango Tango. The savings to be had in the Costo-exclusive Bucked Up Energy bundle is about 30%, as instead of paying $29.99 for a case like retailers and, Costco’s case is just $20.99.

You do get the same high-powered, pre-workout-style formula as usual in the Costco-exclusive Bucked Up Energy bundle, including a premium blend of Dynamine, TeaCrine, and 300mg of caffeine, guaranteeing intense energy and focus. There is also taurine and beta-alanine, again turning the beverage into much more than your traditional energy drink; closer to a pre-workout supporting performance, energy and focus.