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Three-and-a-half years later the extensive Bulk reveals its next major makeover

Bulk 2024 Rebrand

It was around three and a half years ago that the giant UK health and nutrition company Bulk underwent a major transformation, where it not only massively overhauled its look and feel but also its name, moving away from Bulk Powders to simply Bulk. The rebrand was a rather drastic shift, dropping its simpler, mostly single-colored appearance in exchange for a significantly more uniform design involving a vector or line-split background in various shades of color.

Here in 2024, Bulk, the maker of one of the most extensive selections of sports nutrition products, supplements, and functional foods, is changing up its branding once again, with an image surfacing of a fresh new look on a selection of its items. You can see what it all looks like for yourself in the picture above, and while it is a jump and a noticeable difference that’ll take some adjusting to, it’s not as big of a leap as we saw all those years ago at the end of 2024.

Bulk is shifting to a stronger contrast in color, where half of the packaging has a vibrant color and the other a bright white, allowing the former to stand out a bit more, and like with most health and nutrition brands, it has a nice and communicative display of information. There doesn’t seem to be any movement of the rebrand on Bulk’s online store at, at least for now, but if it’s anything like last time, the brand will come in an update everything at once.

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