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Cellucor also introduces its stimulant-free fat burner Super Thermo at The Vitamin Shoppe

Cellucor Super Thermo

Cellucor’s Super Shred isn’t the only completely new supplement that has gone live at The Vitamin Shoppe; there is actually one other weight loss product that can be used alongside Super Shred to support those sorts of results but by way of different benefits. The additional supplement is named Super Thermo, and while it does sound like a typical thermogenic-supporting fat burner, that’s sort of just the beginning, as this is a very specific type of weight loss competitor.

Cellucor has designed Super Thermo as an advanced fat-burning product that doesn’t have any stimulants, so if you do decide to use it on its own, you won’t be getting any sort of energy or focus kick as you do in Super Shred and its 222mg of caffeine per serving. This product aims to optimize and amplify weight loss by enhancing metabolism, improving glucose health, and encouraging a better fat-burning environment by decreasing appetite and supporting satiety.

Cellucor Super Thermo Label

The ingredients driving the specific set of benefits and effects Cellucor is offering in Super Thermo isn’t as extensive as Super Shred, but again, this can be used alongside that for the supplements to complement one another and offer the best results possible. There is 20mg of cayenne extract, berberine and banaba known for their glucose optimization properties at 400mg and 50mg, respectively, Chromax chromium once again at 200mcg, and finally, DNF-10 for the satiety highlight to lower calorie intake and reduce body fat.

Cellucor’s Super Thermo costs exactly the same as Super Shred over at The Vitamin Shoppe, with a bottle coming at $49.99. It has the usual 30 servings to supply for you for a typical month, and the brand does say you can double up to two servings a day, although that will make it a two-week supply supplement. If you’re looking to get the two together — Super Shred and Super Thermo — they’ll cost a combined $99.98 for a month’s supply unless you double up, then it’s $199.96.

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