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Evolene in Indonesia doubles several dosages for its low-price pre-workout

Evolene Prevo

Evolene is a sports nutrition brand out of Indonesia that has strong distribution throughout its home country and offers all sorts of categories, including, of course, the most competitive in the industry, pre-workout. The name of its entry in the saturated space is Prevo, and for 2024, it has decided to revamp the supplement and all of its changes are by way of increased dosages, where you get more of the six core ingredients of the original.

The reformulated Evolene Prevo pre-workout has added 40% more beta-alanine for respectable performance support at 2.1g, the citrulline has been doubled but is still on the lighter side of life at 2.1g, and arginine, a rarely seen component in the US, has been more than doubled too at 630mg. The other three ingredients that have been increased for the 2024 edition of Prevo are not as impressive dosage or increase wise, with 25mg more creatine monohydrate at a disappointing 525mg, far from the effective 5g, taurine being knocked up a pinch, almost just for the sake of increasing from 250mg to 252, and guarana is 77mg up from 72.5.

When you go international and deep into some of the smaller markets around the world, rules and regulations play a big role in the advancement in formulations, as well as industry experience, which we have to imagine is reflected here in Evolene’s updated Prevo. It’s far below some of the cost-effective value-type pre-workouts we’ve seen here in the US, but this is also reflected in price, as Evolene’s latest innovation is incredibly cheap.

While we consider 20 to $30 to be a cost-conscious range for a pre-workout or most sports nutrition supplements, a bottle of Evolene’s new and improved Prevo is Rp195,000, which works out to just $11.91 USD. That is for a tub of 25 servings, meaning the formula is incredibly light, but you could grab two units for a combined $24 and double up for a much more impressive experience in the gym, in your choice of two flavors, Peach Mango and Grape.

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