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Force Factor enters the growing colostrum race with a standalone competitor

Force Factor Colostrum

We already saw superfood supplement giant Bloom get in on the growing action in the colostrum category, which, as mentioned during that launch, colostrum has been in sports nutrition for some time, specifically for its ability to support recovery for better strength, size, and performance. The expanding interest in this sort of product has come from its ability to additionally help with digestion, gut health, immunity, and more, and now Force Factor is throwing its hat into the ring.

Force Factor has launched its simply named Colostrum, and while Bloom’s colostrum competitor had a bit more to it, this one is straight to the point and is entirely based around the title ingredient. Every serving of the latest from Force Factor comes with 2g of grass-fed bovine colostrum, again, to support those mainstream, wider audience-appealing benefits. That includes improved digestion, complete gut health support, and immunity strengthening, making for a versatile wellness supplement.

Colostrum from Force Factor is available in bulk unflavored powder for you to serve how and in whatever you please, whether that’s a scoop in your morning smoothie or two into your post-workout protein shake. Colostrum does not have an overly imposing taste; in fact, of the many we’ve tried over the years, it is barely noticeable, and you can get Force Factory’s entry in the increasingly popular world of dedicated colostrum products at $24.98 for a tub of 30 servings from Walmart.

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