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Forzagen shares the first look at its pre-workout-style Black Angel energy drink

Forzagen Previews Black Angel Energy Drink

The energy drink category absolutely exploded over the last couple of years, with sports nutrition companies from all across the globe putting together something carbonated, canned, and designed primarily to increase and enhance energy. This year we haven’t seen as many brands jumping into the space, but still a good amount, and Forzagen is about to add its name to the battlefield with a seemingly more complex competitor by the name of Black Angel.

Forzagen’s Black Angel energy drink is going to feature a pre-workout style formula, and while we haven’t seen its complete blend of ingredients and dosages, that is the approach its promoting, flat out describing the product as a “Pre-Workout Drink” on the face of its can. The few features we know for sure are in the upcoming beverage are the pump-enhancing citrulline, arginine, performing-supporting beta-alanine, and, of course, caffeine, as it is an energy product.

Forzagen is a sports nutrition company with a wide selection of supplements available, including protein powders, pre-workout, and creatine formulas, and now it’s bringing that advanced approach to energy drinks, with more details on Black Angel coming soon. The beverage will be squeezed into the traditional 16oz can and have two flavors to choose from right out of the gate in a sweet Mandarin Punch and Strawberry Lychee, both completely sugar-free.

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