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Granite takes on the superfood space in its complex and comprehensive Vital Shield

Granite Supplements Vital Shield

Granite Supplements has brought a common type of health and wellness product to market in a superfood formula, although as you’d expect from the brand founded by the legendary and never-forgotten coach John Meadows, this isn’t your typical approach. Vital Shield sees the team at Granite bring together a whole host of ingredients, all in the name of health and wellness, and covering all sorts of areas of this sort of supplement, including some premium components.

Vital Shield from Granite Supplements breaks down each of its benefits on its facts panel, as each group of ingredients is there to support a specific function or area of health. That all starts with a hefty 4.78g blend of antioxidants, including spinach, acai and goji juice powder, acerola, beetroot, apple, spirulina, and more. Next is another sizeable 4.35g non-transparent combination of components for cleansing and detoxification, with the likes of alfalfa, barley grass, chlorella, and psyllium husk.

Filling out the rest of the facts panel for Granite Supplements’ Vital Shield is turmeric and the premium LactoSpore probiotic for immunity, a variety of mushroom extracts and CherryPure for endurance and performance, MCTs for focus, a light 50mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, and DigeSEB, HemiSEB, Peptizyme, and several other enzymes to support and improve digestion.

As you can see, Vital Shield is very much an advanced and comprehensive superfood product, including the necessary ingredients for it to qualify as a competitor in the category, but it’s gone a lot further than that with support for immunity, performance, recovery, and more. Despite the complexity of Vital Shield, Granite Supplements has priced it right around the competition at $44.99 for a bag of 30 complete servings in your choice of two flavors, Lemon Lime Greens and Very Berry Greens.