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Ghost hints at an authentic Oreo Mint flavor for its great-tasting protein powder

Hint At Oreo Mint Ghost Whey

It’s not often Ghost teases an upcoming innovation with something overly allusive or clue-filled, but that is what it’s done this week, simply showing a short clip of someone from the original lifestyle supplement company dipping a cookie into a glass of what looks like a protein shake. This doesn’t appear to be just any ordinary cookie either; it looks as though it’s an iconic Oreo sandwich cookie; then, alongside that teaser video, Ghost says, “It’s MINT to be.”

Based purely on the details of the teaser, it would be impossible not to assume that we are about to get an authentic Oreo Mint Ghost Whey protein powder. This is made even more possible and more likely the case due to the supplement company having partnered with the legendary sandwich cookie on two other occasions. For those who missed it all, Ghost has previously released its signature protein in Oreo and Oreo Birthday Cake in partnership with Oreo itself.

An Oreo Mint Ghost Whey protein powder seems like the next likely step for the brand that brought authentic collaborations to the prominence that they are currently, and better yet, it’ll most definitely make for a delicious protein shake experience. It’s not often you see supplement companies attempting to replicate the traditional combination of chocolate and mint in a protein shake, but with its track record, we don’t imagine Ghost missing the mark.