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Infinis continues to improve the depth of its lineup with a specialized kidney supplement

Infinis Nutrition Kidney

Infinis Nutrition is releasing three all-new supplements this week, all of them in the area or realm of health and wellness, and each is named after the specific area of health it supports with Kidney, Liver, and the glucose disposal agent, Glucose. In this post here we’re going over Kidney, which in typical style of Infinis Nutrition is stacked full of reliable ingredients and dosages for the purpose of supporting, improving, and optimizing kidney function and overall kidney health.

We mentioned this in our interview with Emir Drin, the founder and CEO of Infinis Nutrition, that it dives deeper into specific areas of health more than almost anyone else in the industry, and Kidney is another prime example of that. It is rare that you get a product dedicated entirely to kidney health and function, even less so with the number of ingredients, quality dosages, and deserved premium price tag that comes in Infinis Kidney.

Infinis Nutrition Kidney Label

Infinis Nutrition has stacked Kidney full of premium and proven ingredients, some you may never have heard of if you’ve stuck to traditional sports nutrition, but the brand has gone out and found seemingly all it could for this particular and crucial area of health. Every serving of the supplement comes with 200mg each of pine bark, andrographis paniculata, and Enovita grape seed extract, 50mg of astragaloside IV, 400mg of alpha lipoic acid, patented enhanced bioavailability VeriSperse resveratrol at 100mg, 25mg of TetraSOD for its ability to antioxidant activation and healthy aging, and Anthocran highly standardized cranberry extract for kidney relief and any urinary discomfort.

Whenever Infinis Nutrition tackles a category, whether it be something significant like pre-workout or hydration, or specialized like stress and anxiety, it does so equally comprehensively, resulting in some seriously in-depth supplements, and as you can see, that is the case once again in Kidney. The dedicated kidney health and function product will be hitting the market later this week alongside Liver and Glucose, both of which will have their full details and formulas shared tomorrow.