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Infinis surprises fans once again and plans to release three new health products in its next drop

Infinis Nutrition Previews Glucose And Kidney

Infinis Nutrition already revealed that it had one new supplement it was getting ready to release for the robust health and wellness side of its selection with a product named Liver, designed specifically to support and improve liver health. It did say it had at least one more item to share that would eventually launch alongside Liver, and it turns out there is more than that; the premium powerhouse is actually planning to drop a total of three and has previewed those other two.

Due to hit the market sometime during next week are the advanced formulations, Glucose and Kidney. Similar to Liver, they are health and wellness supplements packed full of ingredients centered around the area of health or function called out in their names. Glucose is indeed a glucose disposal agent, to help your body better optimize its use of glucose for improved performance, recovery, and more; and Kidney is built entirely to support, enhance, and protect kidney health and function.

In Infinis Nutrition’s traditional style, Glucose and Kidney, as well as Liver, will be jam-packed full of ingredients to ensure each supplement covers every area possible of glucose, kidney, and liver health. We’ve already seen the reputable brand do this in several other categories like Nootropic, Brain, Calm, and Ultra Greens, so at this point, whatever area the brand builds something for, it goes without saying that it’ll be one of the most comprehensive on the market for its purpose.

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