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Introducing Protein Candy and its pocket-sized bags of candy packing 14g of protein

Introducing Protein Candy

Protein-packed candy isn’t anything completely new, but it has become much rarer than it used to be, especially back in the days when the Swedish functional specialist Pandy did indeed make protein candy, not the lower-sugar, better-for-you candy it has today. An all-new name has entered the field this month simply named Protein Candy, and instead of selling gummy supplements with various active ingredients, it has indeed debuted with candy that is packed full of protein.

The candy pieces appear to be soft and chewy rectangles, similar to the world-famous Starburst, at least in terms of shape. True to its name, Protein Candy’s bags of tasty candy pieces provide a total of 14g of protein from a blend that is primarily high-quality whey isolate plus some hydrolyzed collagen. The rest of the nutrition profile is not too bad at 25g of carbohydrates, 6g of that fiber and 4g sugar, practically no fat, and a calorie count of 140. If you scale that up to one and a half bags, that gets you 21g of protein and just 210 calories, right on par with a protein bar.

Protein Candy Sours

While whey and collagen are the drivers behind Protein Candy’s protein, the rest of its recipe is very straightforward with prebiotic fiber, the natural sweeteners monk fruit and stevia, and natural colors and flavors. That combination of ingredients is used in all of the flavor options, of which there are four with Classic Fruit, a mix of cherry strawberry, orange and lemon; Classic Fruit Sour, a sour version of Classic Fruit; Tropical Fruit with kiwi-lime, pina colada, mango, and strawberry banana pieces; and Berry Punch with raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry.

Protein Candy is currently only taking pre-orders for its promising bags of high-protein candy over at, and the pre-ordering is open to those in the US as well as Canada. You can grab the newcomer’s signature product in your choice of individual bags at $3.99/$4.99 each or get a box of a dozen at the same value of $49.88/$59.88. There is also a variety bundle with a box of each flavor and that does save some money, working out to $45.48/$57.48 a box.