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Iron Kingdom rolls together joint, liver and kidney support into the one product

Iron Kingdom Joint Liver Kidney

The Iron Kingdom in Canada has revealed and released an all-new health and wellness supplement that supports a variety of benefits that would typically be found and supported in individual products rather than all together. The latest innovation from the brand is called Joint, Liver, Kidney, and it is designed specifically to support those areas of health and wellness, with a few ingredients to support each, all rolled into a sizeable four-capsule serving.

Joint, Liver, Kidney from Iron Kingdom relies on common ingredients for those benefits, with 300mg of the functional mushroom cordyceps, 330mg of turmeric, 175mg of alpha-lipoic acid, 250mg of boswellia, 60mg of devil’s claw, 246mg of choline, and 200mg of the popular liver supporting component milk thistle. The convenient all-in-one combination aims to improve liver and kidney function, protection, and overall health, as well as joint mobility and comfort.

Iron Kingdom Joint Liver Kidney Label

Iron Kingdom’s health and wellness style supplement doesn’t have the depth of joint, liver, and kidney support that you’ll find in some of the premium competitors dedicated to those areas, but it does a respectable job for what is essentially a three-in-one product. The price of the supplement directly from the Iron Kingdom online store is $59.99 Canadian, working out to $43.54 in USD, and that gets you a full month’s supply of the usual 30 servings.