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Premium grass-fed isolate at Jacked Factory falls to an extremely competitive $27.99

Jacked Factory Heavy Discount On Authentic Iso

If you’re like us and buy your protein powder in bulk, purely because purchasing more almost always results in more savings, whether that be an order of multiple units or just a large size; you may want to check out what Jacked Factory has going on. The popular sports nutrition brand competes in the saturated protein space on many different levels, with a mass gainer, a common whey blend, and a truly delicious protein bar, one of the best nut butter-based competitors out there.

Jacked Factory appears to be clearing out its more premium entry in the protein powder category, or at least it’s heavily discounting the supplement. We are talking about Authentic ISO, an extremely clean offering with 25g of protein per serving, all from grass-fed whey isolate, only a gram of carbohydrates, half a gram of fat, and 110 calories. Usually, the brand sells 30 serving tubs of the product at $39.99, but that’s suddenly been dropped under $30 to $27.99, which is incredibly competitive, working out to $55.98 for 4lbs or $69.99 if you want to compare it to large isolate-based protein powders.