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Michael Buffer’s brand tackles energy drinks, protein bars and now sports drinks

Lets Get Ready To Rumble Hydrate

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble is a brand from legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer, known for the saying in the name of the company, and it all started with an energy drink available in the UK in sugar and sugar-free variants. Let’s Get Ready To Rumble did expand beyond that popular category over the last year or so and into the world of protein bars in some delicious flavors, but this month it is heading back to the beverage format for a third product with the Let’s Get Ready To Rumble Hydrate.

Michael Buffer and his nutrition brand Let’s Get Ready To Rumble have indeed entered the sports drink space, similar to several other brands over the last 12 months, including the likes of Ghost, Inspired, football legend Lionel Messi, and Jocko. The Let’s Get Ready To Rumble Hydrate beverage has zero sugar, so there is no need to decide between sugar and sugar-free like the energy drink, and on the functional side, there is a variety of vitamins and a blend of electrolytes for health and hydration.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble Hydrate has become available first through the discount retail giant Home Bargains, with not even direct availability at the moment, and there are two flavors to choose from, both having no sugar and the same active ingredients in Cherry and Raspberry.