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Classic Cheetos gets a protein-packed alternative at Life Pro Nutrition called Crunchytos

Life Pro Nutrition Crunchytos

The innovation at Life Pro Nutrition doesn’t stop; almost every week or two weeks, we see something completely new from the functional food and sports nutrition company from Spain, and here in the middle of June, we have some more excitement. The reigning Functional Brand Of The Year Award winner has revealed and released Crunchytos, its very own version of the iconic crispy and crunchy chip snack Cheetos, presumably hence the name Crunchytos.

Life Pro Nutrition’s Crunchytos have the same sort of long, wiggly shape as Cheetos but are much higher in protein, whereas a reasonably sized 60g bag has 12g of protein thanks to the added pea protein. The carbohydrates in the brand’s latest creation are on the high side at 30g, around the same as an actual bag of Cheetos. The sugar is also similar to the classic bag of puffs pieces at 5g alongside 10g of fat, for a calorie count that’s lower than Cheetos at 270.

Something fans will see all across the marketing of Life Pro Nutrition’s latest chip-style protein snack is that it’s “Flaming Hot”; in fact, that’s the name of Crunchytos’ one and only flavor, and it is now available for purchase directly through the brand’s loaded online store at €1.90 (2.04 USD) per bag.