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Orange Passionfruit comes to Mars’ BCAA menu alongside its Dark Chocolate protein

Mars Orange Passionfruit Bcaa

The decadent and delicious Dark Chocolate flavor of its premium, hydrolyzed whey isolate-powered protein powder isn’t the only extension Mars in Taiwan has brought to market this week; it has put together something a bit sweeter and brighter for a different part of its line. Also becoming available in the second half of June is a tropical and refreshing blend of orange and passionfruit, and while the brand does do fruity options for the protein category, this one is for its amino supplement.

Mars’ more colorful Orange Passionfruit flavor has been put together specifically for its main ingredient-named BCAA, an amino acid product featuring only BCAAs at a respectable 7g per serving to support muscle recovery and repair. The supplement takes a page out of the book of the hydration category and packages each of its servings into stick packs, with the all-new Orange Passionfruit BCAA joining the two other fruity tastes Mars has available in Guava Lime Green and Honey Lemon.

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