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AlphaTest goes premium with proven KSM-66 Ashwagandha and Tesnor

Muscletech Alphatest Extreme

AlphaTest is MuscleTech’s long-running testosterone-boosting supplement that just recently landed itself a spin-off in AlphaTest Thermo XTR; where you get a blend of testosterone-boosting and weight loss-supporting ingredients, including the innovative caffeine alternative, Enfinity paraxanthine. There is now a product named AlphaTest Extreme and as the name suggests, it is a more complex and advanced supplement that has the same premium price tag as Thermo XTR, but it’s an all-out test booster.

AlphaTest Extreme is the most comprehensive testosterone booster MuscleTech has to offer, entering the legacy sports nutrition brand’s selection as a premium step up from the original, and again, it carries the same price tag as AlphaTest Thermo XTR, but it’s not a hybrid product. The Extreme version of AlphaTest is indeed a pure testosterone booster, offering all of the usual benefits that come from effective ingredients in that area, like increased muscle strength and size, libido, and better performance.

The core components driving the effectiveness and benefits of MuscleTech’s AlphaTest Extreme are all premium and proven, ensuring reliable results as they’re backed by well-studied and proven ingredients. There is KSM-66 Ashwagandha at a full dose of 600mg in a five-capsule serving, well-known as a go-to for testosterone boosting thanks to its 22 gold-standard studies, another 600mg of fenugreek, zinc, boron, and lastly, 200mg of Tesnor, a blend of cocoa bean and pomegranate to boost testosterone.

MuscleTech is preparing to officially launch its AlphaTest Extreme sometime in the near future, and it’ll have the usual 30 servings per bottle to supply you for an entire month. The KSM-66 and Tesnor-powered testosterone-boosting supplement will be a great way for fans to step up their support in this area, where they can spend more to get more from a single product. Once again, the price of the supplement will come in at $74.99, the same as AlphaTest Thermo XTR and double that of AlphaTest and Test HD.