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Myprotein utilizes a precise 2:1 maltodextrin to fructose ratio in its Hyrox intra-workout

Myprotein Hyrox Pro Series Electrofuel

The Electrofuel is the intra-workout in Myprotein and Hyrox’s special edition series of supplements, and like any good intra-workout, it is built from the ground up to help power you through intense exercise, which goes perfectly with the fast-growing sport. The giant sports nutrition company drives Electrofuel primarily with a heavy and strategically sourced dose of carbohydrates, guaranteed to fuel performance and endurance as you burn through energy.

We said Myprotein has taken a strategic approach to the carbohydrates in the Pro Series and Hyrox collaboration, The Electrofuel, and that is because it provides 30g of carbs per serving from two complementing sources in maltodextrin and fructose. You get a two-to-one ratio of maltodextrin to fructose, supplying that 30g of carbs, a superior approach to either ingredient by itself, and of course, to fuel hydration and further performance, there is 300mg of sodium.

The Electrofuel is a great entry into the Myprotein Pro Series of products for the sport of Hyrox and most definitely a great fit for the demanding sporting event, as ensuring your energy and endurance are at their best from start to finish is crucial during an intense Hyrox workout or race. The Electrofuel comes in flavored powder format, like the other two supplements in the family, The Recovery and The Electro, and it’ll be available in a lone Raspberry Lemonade flavor.