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Naked reaches out to a younger audience in a nutrition shake specifically for kids

Naked Nutrition Kids Shake

Naked Nutrition is a clean and nutritious supplement company offering all sorts of products centered around quality and balanced nutrition, reaching into all of the protein subcategories with a mainstream protein powder, mass gainer, plant-based protein, meal replacement, and even a goat whey protein. The all-new Kid’s Nutrition Shake has joined the brand’s catalog, which is similar to those other items mentioned, blending a quality set of ingredients for balanced nutrition, but this one is for kids.

Kid’s Nutrition Shake from Naked Nutrition is made with a clean formula, just like its other supplements, including nonfat milk, quality milk protein isolate, MCT oil, superfoods, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to reinforce the nutritious macros with support for general health and wellness. The nutrition profile of the kid’s specific product is 8g of protein in a small 29g serving, 14g of carbohydrates, 7g of that sugar and 4g of fiber, a low 1.5g of fat, and a meal-style calorie count of 100.

Naked Nutritoin’s latest supplement is basically a clean ingredient and nutritious meal replacement tailor-made for kids, providing a good balance of protein to carbohydrates, a low level of fat, and backed by superfoods plus an infusion of multivitamins. The Kid’s Nutrition Shake comes in two traditional flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla, fitting considering it’s for a younger audience, and you can get it directly from the brand’s online store at $14.99 for a small ten-serving tub or $11.99 on auto-ship.