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Australia’s Nexus gets baking this week with protein donut and mug cake mixes

Nexus Protein Donuts And Mug Cake

Functional high-protein baking mixes and supplements are something incredibly common in the UK and Europe, although this month, it is exactly what Nexus down under in Australia has just introduced with Protein Mug Cake and Protein Donut. They are both powder products that you can quickly and conveniently turn into the familiar treats in their names in a protein-packed mug cake — cake in a mug — and high-protein donuts, which are sold alongside a non-stick donut tray.

Australia’s Nexus has packed a moderate amount of protein into its functional baking innovations with 11g of protein per serving in Protein Mug Cake and slightly less than that in Protein Donut, both based on the same sized serving of 40g. Interestingly, the brand has made the products entirely plant-based, relying on fava bean to provide that protein, but that does come alongside a sizeable amount of carbohydrates at 19.7g in the Mug Cake and 18.8g in Protein Donut.

The latest items from Nexus are certainly intriguing and creative efforts, although their macros limit them to being more protein treats and better-for-you alternatives than high-protein foods on the level of a protein shake or even a typical protein bar. The products come in small bags of six servings in a Chocolate Caramel flavor for Protein Mug Cake and Vanilla Caramel for Protein Donut, with the former slightly more expensive than the latter at $23.96 versus $19.96 AUD.