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Panda blends glycerol, sodium and AstraGin for its versatile bulk-liquid pump pre-workout

Panda Supplements Pump Juice

Panda Supplements’ latest sports nutrition innovation has arrived just a few days after being previewed, with the bulk, unflavored, and liquid-format pump pre-workout Pump Juice. This is the popular brand’s entry into the growing subcategory of liquid glycerol products, where you simply get a hefty dose of glycerol to fuel hydration and pumps. Panda hasn’t added too much else into Pump Juice, keeping it purely centered around glycerol and making it very versatile.

Pump Juice comes with 20g of pump-powering glycerol in each of its double-tablespoon servings, and being that it is glycerol, there is some nutrition to it with a gram of carbohydrates per gram of glycerol, so from that 20g of glycerol, you get 20g of carbs and 80 calories. There are a couple of components alongside the glycerol in 400mg of sodium to further enhance hydration, and for better uptake, absorption, and efficacy, there is a full and effective 50mg of Astragin.

Panda Supplements has made Pump Juice available for purchase directly through its online store at for $39.99 for a bottle of 16 servings at that double-tablespoon with 20g of glycerol. The product is extremely versatile; as mentioned, it is stimulant-free, completely unflavored, and relies on only a few ingredients, meaning it can seamlessly be stacked with almost any other stimulant pre-workout, including some of Panda’s own, like Pandamic and Skull.