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Powdered peanut butter legend PB2 brings all of its manufacturing processes in-house

Pb2 Foods Is Now Vertically Integrated

Most health and nutrition companies do not manufacture their own products; in fact, it is a rarity that you come across one that does, and that’s not just for brands here in the US; that goes for many notable names all around the world. Manufacturing and producing items under your own roof have a host of positives, and that is what PB2 Foods has come out and announced, a brand known long known for its many different powdered peanut butter products, with a few different varieties available to choose from.

PB2 Foods has completed a vertical integration project in Tifton, Georgia, enhancing its production and manufacturing capabilities. The project involved repurposing a 110,000-square-foot facility with new equipment to roast, grind, and press peanuts to produce peanut paste, unrefined roasted peanut oil, and defatted peanut flour. This move brings all manufacturing processes in-house and a host of benefits, reducing supply chain friction, creating jobs, and supporting research, development, and marketing.

“This is a momentous step in our company’s journey,” said Craig Entwistle, chief executive officer of PB2 Foods. “Achieving vertical integration enhances our food safety and quality control measures, ensuring our standards are maintained at every stage of production. Reaching this point in our strategic vision positions us for long-term success and sustainability and allows us to better serve our customers and consumers.”

The development from PB2 Foods is lining it up for immediate and long-term success, and we look forward to seeing how it all plays out. If you’ve not come across the brand and its family of powdered peanut butter, it is available in many different retailers and stores of all sizes, and you can shop directly over at Over the years, PB2 Foods has become even more diverse, going beyond its signature product, introducing baking mixes, nut-based protein powders, and it’s even did a pre-workout.

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