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ProSupps powers up its legacy pre-workout Jekyll with Enfinity, Cognizin and more

Prosupps 2024 Jekyll

Two of the most known supplements by ProSupps are its original differing pre-workouts, My Hyde and Dr Jekyll, more briefly referred to as Hyde and Jekyll. Both products have undergone tweaks and changes, as well as seen various versions and spin-offs, and beginning tomorrow, Jekyll is being relaunched with a whole new formula. This one has always been the international giant’s stimulant-free pre-workout although that has changed a bit in the 2024 Jekyll.

ProSupps has genuinely brought Jekyll into the modern market, packing it out with a stacked set of ingredients, many of them premium and proven, giving it plenty of reliability. The renewed supplement doesn’t have caffeine, staying true to the core of Jekyll, but you will still get plenty of energy this time around. ProSupps has included the caffeine alternative Enfinity paraxanthine at 150mg, known for its ability to provide caffeine-like energy without some of the occasional downsides.

Prosupps 2024 Jekyll Label

Joining the Enfinity paraxanthine in ProSupps’ 2024 edition of Jekyll, adding some tunnel vision and enhanced cognition is 2g of tyrosine, b vitamins, 100mg of the increasingly popular NeuroRush coffee extract, and a full 250mg of the focus-fueling Cognizin. Rounding out the experience you get in the latest Prosupps’ innovation are a couple of muscle pump-enhancing components with 6g of straight citrulline and more than the usual 2.5g of betaine, 60% more, at 4g.

ProSupps’ newest version of its Jekyll pre-workout is available first through its online store, and like the majority of the supplements it has in the category, it is on the more cost-effective side of things at $39.99. The product is a step up from the previously released Jekyll Signature, as you could probably assume by its price as it is around $20. The advanced Enfinity and Cognizin-powered Jekyll comes in Blackberry Lemonade and Raspberry Watermelon flavors with 20 servings a bottle.